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Mistakes To Avoid With Dental Implants

3 Embarrassing Dental Implant Mistakes You Can Learn From

If you have dental implants to replace natural teeth, you know that they are a natural-looking, comfortable option for tooth replacement. While care for implants is simple and like your remaining teeth, there are a few mistakes that those with implants make at times. To help you avoid those, we’ve identified three embarrassing mistakes that sometimes come with dental implants.

1. Using Price as Your Deciding Factor

One of the biggest mistakes you can make that creates dental implant problems is choosing the wrong dental professional. While placing implants is a procedure many dentists do regularly, that doesn’t mean that all professionals are equal. When you are searching for a dentist to do your implants, remember that cost isn’t the most important factor. Search for a reputable dentist with experience and the commitment to placing implants right, like the dental implant specialists at National Dental in Sunnyside Queens, NY.

2. Not Allowing Enough Time to Heal

When the implant is placed, the bone needs time to heal and connect with the titanium rod. After that, the abutment is placed that connects the prosthetic tooth with the rod, so it doesn’t have to come out of the gums. This also requires healing time, then the prosthetic can be placed on top of the abutment and the procedure is done. The healing process is different for everyone, and it’s important that you listen to your doctor and ensure that you are waiting long enough between procedures for your mouth to heal.

3. Not Caring for Them Properly

Implants function just like your natural teeth, which means they require brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and a professional cleaning and exam at least twice a year. If the implants are cared for properly, they may never need to be replaced. On the opposite side, if you don’t care for your implants, they may create problems in your mouth.

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