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Dental Implants: What Will the First Steps Look Like

Most people don’t lose their teeth overnight. And while replacing missing teeth with dental implants can be done in a single dental appointment, the entire process of planning, placing and healing can take roughly a year’s time. Getting a better idea of what the first part of your dental implant journey will look like can help prepare you to take those first crucial steps. Take a look at what your first steps to getting dental implants will look like.

The Consultation

At this point, you’ve likely collected bits and pieces of information about dental implants from various sources. During your consultation, you’ll have time to confirm the facts and dispel the misconceptions by talking with an oral surgeon and staff. You’ll also be given a CT scan at this point, which your oral surgeon will use to help assess your candidacy for dental implants. If you’re a good candidate, you’ll be recommended a more thorough examination.

The Exam

During this phase, your dentist will take more 3D images of your mouth and examine any remaining teeth you have, your gums and the jawbone underneath your teeth and gums. You’ll also get more answers to your questions, learn what to expect of implant placement and settle on a date for the big day.

The Big Day

Typically, it only takes one appointment to get dental implants – even if you need enough implants to support a mouth full or replacement teeth. Placement is so efficient, that supporting procedures can also be done in the same appointment. For example, tooth extractions, to get rid of failing teeth, are commonly done on the same day the dental implants are placed.

Ahead of your procedure, you’ll be given a dose of a local anesthetic to ensure that you experience little to no discomfort was your implants are placed.

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