Your regular dental exams are a crucial element of your oral healthcare routine. These exams help to detect issues in their earliest stages, which then allows us to provide prompt treatment to prevent them from becoming severe. However, a visual exam of your mouth can only tell us so much. The visible structures of your mouth are only a part of a larger picture. There is so much of your mouth that is hidden from view. At National Dental Sunnyside, we use digital X-rays to see these hidden structures, helping you to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.


Digital X-rays are a technological improvement over traditional X-rays. Where traditional X-rays rely on radiation to capture images, digital X-rays use electronic technology. The use of digital X-rays reduces your radiation exposure up to 95%. Digital X-rays provide us with a unique view of the hidden structures of your mouth, such as between your teeth, the roots of your teeth and the condition of your jawbone. We can see all kinds of abnormalities, such as abscesses, cysts, impacted teeth, tumors, bone loss and more. They allow us to spot these issues in their earliest stages. We can then provide prompt treatment to prevent serious issues from occurring.

The process for digital X-rays is simple. We place an electronic sensor, which is hooked up to a computer, into your mouth. By clicking a button on our computer, we capture an image. It shows up on the computer monitor within seconds of taking it, eliminating the need for development. You get to see exactly what we see. Moreover, because we don’t need to take the time to develop your images, we can spend your entire appointment with you, helping you to understand your diagnosis, going over your treatment options and answering your questions.


With digital X-rays, we use specialized software to get a better view of your mouth. We can zoom in on target areas, and enhance the image to improve clarity. We can also change the display of your image from negative, to black and white, and even in color. All of these features allow us to spot issues in their earliest stages, providing you with prompt, effective treatment that will help to keep your mouth healthy.


Tooth decay occurs as a result of erosion from the acids produced by oral bacteria. It can also occur as a result of the acids found in plaque. Tooth decay eventually leads to pits in your teeth, called cavities. In its earliest stages, tooth decay is very difficult to detect and can be impossible to see between the teeth. The longer tooth decay and cavities go undetected, the worse they become, and can even lead to infections in the teeth. With digital X-rays, we can spot the early stages of tooth decay, effectively protecting your teeth from serious damage.


When your jawbone is healthy, it is strong. When you have gum disease, oral bacteria can sneak under the gums and attack your jawbone. This can result in a weaker jaw. Your teeth can shift, which can lead to misalignment (causing uneven tooth wear and jaw pain). Your teeth may also become weak or even fall out. Digital X-rays allow us to see the condition of your jawbone. We can place one image over the other to take note of the smallest changes.


Digital X-rays come with numerous features, none of which were available with traditional X-rays. These features allow us to spot even the tiniest details of your mouth. We can then design a more effective treatment plan, helping your mouth to stay happy and healthy.

Digital X-rays allow us to help you optimize your oral health. Call National Dental Sunnyside today at (718) 925-3365 to learn more.