In recent decades, dental technology has made some incredible developments, all designed to improve the quality of your oral care. 60 years ago, the air-driven hand piece was introduced, effectively revolutionizing many dental procedures. Over the years, this technology has been improved upon. It has even seen the development of electronic hand pieces, which are used here at National Dental Sunnyside.


The electric hand piece is a technological development on the air-driven hand piece. Rather than relying on an air turbine and a foot pedal for power, it relies on electricity. The tool is designed to hold some different types of heads, or tips, each of which is made to perform specific tasks such as polishing or cutting. Hand pieces operate at different speeds, which allow us to perform these tasks with ease. Higher speeds, which tend to generate heat, are reserved for tasks such as polishing ceramic or trimming the enamel of your teeth to prepare them for dental restorations. Lower speeds, which generate less heat, perform more delicate tasks, such as polishing your teeth, performing endodontic treatment, and cleaning decay from a tooth and preparing it for a filling.


The air turbine and the foot pedal of air-driven hand pieces both generate and control the speeds required for your specific treatments. The foot pedal is often the source of unpredictability, as it requires a significant amount of guesswork. Electric hand pieces, on the other hand, eliminate both unpredictability and guesswork. This tool allows us to dial in the exact speed that we need to perform your treatment. We also have the ability to preset speeds for commonly used procedures (such as polishing teeth). All we need to do is push a button. By eliminating the need to find and maintain the necessary speed, we can complete your procedure much quicker than before. This means you spend less time in the dentist’s chair.


Air-driven hand pieces often have a reputation for stalling when they are being used at lower speeds. They can get bogged down and falter when they are used for cutting through harder materials. They can also start to fail if they are being used for extended periods of time. With electric hand pieces, these issues are eliminated. Electric hand pieces are much less likely to stall at the lower speeds required for some treatments. Their speed will remain consistent, even when cutting through hard materials. They will also maintain their speeds when being used for longer periods of time. With more consistency, we are better able to provide you with the level of care that you deserve.


Even with all of the improvements made on air-driven hand pieces over the last few decades, they still tend to be on the louder side. The air turbine can only be quieted down so much. The noise created by this tool often triggers anxiety in some patients. As a result, these patients avoid dental treatments. Avoiding dental care, even a routine cleaning, can lead to serious oral health issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease. These issues only get worse as time goes on, and will end up requiring more invasive treatments later. Electric hand pieces are significantly quieter. If the noise of the air turbine has often been a source of dental anxiety, you will be able to sit more comfortably through your appointment.

Our electric hand pieces allow us to help optimize your oral health. For more information, call National Dental Sunnyside today at (718) 925-3365.