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How Restorative Dentistry Can Give You Your Smile Back

Do you remember the last time you felt fully confident about your smile? Whether it’s tooth loss, teeth alignment issues, discoloration or any other problem that impacts your smile, a dentist in Sunnyside, NY will offer many procedures to help you achieve the smile you want. Take a look at some of the top restorative procedures a dentist will offer you to help you get a straighter, more radiant smile.

Root Canals
It can be especially hard to smile when you’ve got a painful, throbbing, disorienting toothache. With root canal therapy, your dentist can get to the root of your toothache, quite literally.
During the procedure, your dentist will drill a small hole into the center of the tooth to access the infected pulp inside. After cleaning out the decaying tissue inside the tooth, your dentist will fill the tooth and seal it. If the tooth is badly decayed, you may need a dental crown or another prosthesis to repair it.

Crowns, Bridges, Partial Dentures
Dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and partial dentures offer affordable solutions for replacing or repairing a single tooth or just a few teeth. Here’s a quick look at them:
Crowns – bonds to the tops of repaired teeth to restore function and aesthetics
Bridges – replaces a missing tooth by anchoring a prosthetic tooth to stable teeth on either side of the gap
Partial dentures – replace several missing teeth by using adhesives or a wireframe to support prosthetic teeth and gums

Dental Implants and Dentures
When most of your teeth are missing or have failed, dental implants and dentures are the top options for restoring both function and appearance.
Dentures: composed of prosthetic teeth attached to a plastic base, dentures can replace one or both rows of teeth. Dentures use suction, adhesives, wireframes or a combination of a three to stay in place when eating, talking and smiling.
Dental implants: designed to work just like natural teeth, dental implants are implanted into the jawbone just like natural teeth. Fixed bridges or removable overdentures may be attached to dental implants, which are afforded superior stability and reliability as a result.

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