Implant Supported Dentures - Sunnyside, NY

Create a Stable Foundation for Your Dentures

Artist rendering of full arch implant supported dentures with four posts

Combining Traditional Dentures with Modern Dental Implants

Traditional removable dentures are a common solution many patients choose when looking to replace multiple missing teeth, but did you know that there is a way to make your dentures more secure within your mouth? At National Dental’s Sunnyside office, we can retrofit a removable denture with two or more dental implants to provide a much more stable bite as well as improve your overall oral health at the same time. Implant supported dentures prove to be more secure, comfortable and provide a stronger bite within the mouth than compared to traditional denture counterparts. Our team of dentists can work with you to create a replacement for missing teeth that enhances your quality of life in a minimally invasive, and permanent way.

What Makes Implant Supported Dentures Different?

Implant supported dentures solve many of the common concerns patients who rely solely on traditional dentures have. While traditional dentures rely on adhesives or suction to remain in place, they can often become loose, uncomfortable or can even fall out. When we provide patients with implant supported dentures in Sunnyside, NY, they notice an instant improvement to their daily life. With just two to four dental implants, the denture can be securely held in place without adhesives and will rest comfortably on the implants, not your gums. Being secured to the implants also provides you with a significantly stronger bite, allowing you to eat a wider variety of foods. Implant supported dentures look and feel much more like natural teeth, yet you can still remove them at night to sleep or when you need to clean them. Many times, patients choose implant supported dentures as an in-between stage before choosing full arch dental implants.

The National Dental Difference

  • No slipping or falling out
  • Eat the foods you love
  • Significantly stronger bite
  • Comfortably to wear
  • Improve oral health
  • Full arch tooth replacement

The Highest Standard of Care

National Dental and our team of experienced doctors want to be your premier location for dental care and implant supported dentures in Sunnyside, NY. We have doctors in multiple specialties with years of experience and certifications committed to you every step of the way. Being one of the leading practices in New York, we are confident that our team can handle even the most complicated of issues through our experience and state-of-the-art technology. Every implant supported denture case utilizes 3D cone beam CT scanners to create customized dental implant guides. Combined with IV sedation, patients typically experience a gentle surgery with quick healing. Soon after, they are living their best life yet, with a smile they never have to worry about!

Tired of Traditional Dentures? Try Implant Supported Dentures Today!

When you choose National Dental, we will give you a complimentary implant consultation so you can discuss with our dentists the benefits of dental implants. Schedule your consultation online or by calling our Sunnyside office at (718)925-3365.