Oral exams, whether a routine preventative exam or diagnosing a specific issue, are essential for maintaining the health of your mouth. A major part of your oral exam is a visual inspection of the structures within your mouth – your teeth, gums, and other soft tissues – checking for signs of damage, decay, infection and other problems. Not all areas of your mouth are easy to see. Thanks to technological developments, National Dental Sunnyside uses the intraoral camera to get a better view.


A visual inspection of your mouth is an integral part of your oral exam. However, not all structures of your mouth are easily seen. In the past, a manual metal mirror has been used to gain a better view. While this has helped, this mirror cannot always provide us with the visual that we need. This is where the intraoral camera comes in.

The intraoral camera is essentially a high-tech mirror. It is approximately the size of a large pen, with a tiny camera on one end. It is attached to a computer and captures real time images that are displayed on the monitor.


Along with real time images, the intraoral camera can also capture stills. This allows us to spend time examining a suspect area without having to hold the camera in your mouth the entire time (which gives your mouth a break!). The intraoral camera comes with highly specialized software that allows us to manipulate the stills in a variety of ways. We can zoom in on areas that look suspicious, and enhance them for more clarity. We can also change the color display. These features are designed to provide us with an up-close look at your oral structures that will allow us to see even the smallest issues. In spotting trouble in the early stages, we can take steps to prevent them from growing worse.


The intraoral camera gives you a unique look into your mouth. You can see everything that we do. You no longer have to try to image what is being described to you. You will be able to understand the severity of your issues and why we are recommending specific treatments. We will also be able to answer any questions that you might have.


At National Dental, we keep all of your information – including digital X-rays and images captured with the intraoral camera – on a digital file. This eliminates the need for a paper file, where your information and images could get lost or destroyed. All we need to do is click a few buttons to recall your older images. We can then compare your older images with your newer ones to check the progress of healing or check for changes in your mouth.


Fear and anxiety over dental visits is a fairly common issue. For some patients, this fear stems from a lack of control. You have no idea what is being done inside your mouth as you sit in the chair. The intraoral camera gives you the ability to see inside your mouth and lets you watch everything that we are doing. This can greatly help to ease your anxieties and feel more comfortable during your treatment.

With the intraoral camera, we can more easily diagnose oral health issues in their early stages and provide prompt treatment to prevent them from worsening. Contact National Dental Sunnyside today at (718) 925-3365 for more information.