The dental industry has seen numerous technological developments in recent years. All of these developments have gone a long way in improving the quality of your oral healthcare. Laser dentistry is one of these major developments. It is being used to perform a wide variety of different oral procedures. At National Dental Sunnyside, we are even using it to perform oral surgery.


For many years, oral surgery procedures were done using a manual metal scalpel. This tool is very effective, but it does have several drawbacks. It causes a significant amount of bleeding during procedures. It also causes a lot of tissue trauma, which can then lead to a significant amount of uncomfortable pain and swelling during your recovery period.

At National Dental, we are proud to use the latest tools and technologies, including laser dentistry, to provide you with the best possible treatments. The tool produces a high-intensity laser light beam that is approximately the same width as a human hair. It cuts through oral tissue, cauterizing as it does (limiting bleeding). The light provides us with pinpoint accuracy, which greatly reduces tissue trauma. In turn, this greatly reduces the amount of post-surgical pain and swelling.


With laser dentistry for oral surgery, the only thing that interacts with your oral tissues is the laser. We can adjust the wavelength of the laser to meet the specific requirements of your treatment. It can be used for some different oral surgery procedures, from making incisions to removing infected tissue to tumor removal. The laser light cauterizes blood vessels as it cuts, minimizes bleeding. The laser offers us amazing precision, allowing us to cut just a few cells at a time. As a result, tissue trauma is significantly reduced, resulting in less discomfort during your recovery.


There are several uses for laser dentistry:

  • Gum disease treatment. We use the laser to remove infected gum tissue that is in the way of performing an effective scaling and root planing.
  • Clearing out decay from cavities, and preparing them for fillings.
  • Preparing teeth for dental restorations (such as veneers or crowns).
  • Tooth whitening.


There are several benefits associated with laser dentistry:

  • Bleeding is minimized during your surgical procedure.
  • With very little tissue trauma, your pain and swelling during your post-surgical recovery period are greatly reduced.
  • The laser provides pinpoint accuracy.
  • The laser can stimulate new tissue (both soft and bone) growth.
  • You will experience less anxiety. If you tend to be anxious about your dental treatments, or fear oral surgery because of a fear of pain, the reduced pain associated with laser dentistry can put your anxieties at ease.


Many patients question the safety of using a laser to perform oral surgery. The truth is, using a laser is just as safe as using any other dental tool. We are highly trained and very experienced with using the laser. Much like any other procedure, there are still going to be some risk of complication. One of the biggest risks associated with the laser is that if it is set to the wrong wavelength, it can damage your oral tissues. Our experience helps us to avoid this complication. The light is also intense, so we provide you with a set of specialized glasses to wear during your treatment.

With laser dentistry, we have greatly improved your quality of care, which helps to provide you with optimal oral health. For more information, contact National Dental Sunnyside today at (718) 925-3365.