Tooth loss significantly impacts your quality of life, affecting your ability to eat, your speech, and your beautiful smile. For several years, your options for replacing lost teeth were limited depending on the number of teeth you were missing. Today, at National Dental Sunnyside, you have more options, thanks to dental implants.


Dental implants are a fairly recent addition to the available options for replacing missing teeth. They involve the use of small, titanium rods that are surgically inserted into your jawbone. Once placed, they rely on the fusion of your jawbone to the titanium rod (osseointegration), which creates a stable support for your replacement teeth.


At National Dental, we use Nobel Biocare dental implants. Nobel Biocare is leading the industry in implant manufacturing worldwide, and have been at the forefront of dental implant technology for 60 years. They aim to restore the quality of life for all types of tooth loss patients. They are constantly researching and developing new and better products. Their implants may be simple in design, but their strength and aesthetics are unparalleled. In fact, many of their implants have become industry standards.


Different patients have different tooth replacement needs. Dental implants can be used to fit just about any need. There are several types:

  • Single tooth implants. One titanium rod is inserted into the jaw and supports a single ceramic crown.
  • Multiple teeth implants. Also called an implant supported bridge, this type of implant is used to replace sections of missing teeth (taking the place of a fixed bridge or partial denture). One or more implants are used to support your replacement teeth.
  • Implant supported dentures. 6 to 8 implants are used to replace a full arch of missing teeth. They can be used for missing teeth in your upper jaw, your lower jaw, or both.
  • All-on-4® Treatment Concept. If you have lost bone mass in your jaw (a natural occurrence following tooth loss), you may not be considered a candidate for implant supported dentures. The All-on-4® Treatment Concept allows you to enjoy the benefits of implants, and avoid the need for a bone graft, by placing your replacement teeth on four strategically placed implants.


Dental implants require a surgical procedure. On the day of surgery, we start with a local anesthetic at the surgical sites. If required, we can provide you with sedation to help you relax. We then make incisions in your gum tissue to expose the jawbone. Holes are drilled into the bone, and the implants inserted. Your gums are stitched closed around them, leaving just a small amount exposed above the tissue. You are then provided with temporary teeth and can go home to begin healing.

Healing will typically take between several weeks and several months, depending on the number of implants you had placed. As you heal, we will monitor your progress, ensuring that your bone is fusing properly with the titanium rods. Once you have completely healed, we then begin the process of your permanent replacement teeth. The abutments are placed on the ends of the implants and impressions are taken. These impressions are sent to a lab, where your custom teeth are designed and created. When they are ready, we will secure them in place with screws.



  • Your ability to eat all of your favorite foods again is restored.
  • You can speak properly, and be understood.
  • Your smile (and your confidence) is restored.
  • They can improve your oral health.
  • Implants provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. Your teeth are secured permanently in place and are only removed if maintenance is needed.
  • They are easy to care for and can be brushed just like your natural teeth.
  • They are more comfortable. Your replacement teeth are supported by the implants, rather than your gums or your adjacent teeth.
  • Implants preserve the strength of your jawbone, preventing bone loss.

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If you are missing teeth, whether it’s one or several, dental implants can provide you with a beautiful, permanent, new smile. Call National Dental Sunnyside today at (718) 925-3365 to find out if they are right for you.