Oral Surgery

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IV Sedation

Fear and anxiety about dental visits is a fairly common problem. These fears and anxieties can keep you from scheduling an appointment, whether it’s a serious issue, or if it is for a routine cleaning and exam. Ignoring dental visits can lead to serious oral health complications. The longer you go without treatment, the more you run the risk of requiring more invasive procedures. >> Learn more about IV Sedation

Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth serve no real function, at least not today. In the past, however, they were quite important. Our ancestors lived a very different life than we do now. Their diet consisted mainly of very coarse foods. The third molars were crucial in helping them to break down the foods they ate. >> Learn more about wisdom teeth

Laser Dentistry

For many years, oral surgery procedures were done using a manual metal scalpel. This tool is very effective, but it does have several drawbacks. It causes a significant amount of bleeding during procedures. It also causes a lot of tissue trauma, which can then lead to a significant amount of uncomfortable pain and swelling during your recovery period. >>Learn more about laser dentistry