Our team at National Dental Sunnyside can provide you with a full set of permanent teeth in one day. The Four Ever Smile™ denture system provides teeth that will never shift, never need to be removed, and in a short time will feel like your natural teeth. If you have been living with missing teeth, or if this is new to you, the freedom that comes from implant retained dentures will greatly enhance your life. Treatment begins with an examination; we would love to walk you through the process and show you how the Four Ever Smile™ can improve your dental and overall health.


Dentures have never been known for their comfort, until now. Though people have attempted some form of dentures for centuries, there has always been the problem of attachment. How to attach a denture device to the gums and hold it in place for an extended period has been a frustrating ordeal. Most standard dentures today can only offer the solution of using suction or store-bought adhesives to keep a denture in place. The Four Ever Smile™ has found a solution.

When considering how your natural teeth are held in place in your mouth, consider it as three main pieces, with a lot of connective tissue and ligaments. The three pieces include the jawbone, the tooth root, and finally the tooth. When a patient loses a tooth, they also lose the tooth root, that basic centerpiece. Without the tooth root, there is no way to make a connection to the supporting jawbone. This is where the Four Ever Smile™ system is different. We have recreated the tooth root, recreating that important connective piece.

The Four Ever Smile™ the system is a dental implant procedure. Our team at National Dental Sunnyside will design a treatment plan customized to your needs, this plan will include the surgical placement of between four and six dental implants. The implants will serve as posts in your mouth, a connective piece to serve between your jawbone and your denture device. This very important step provides the patient with a solid foundation to permanently attach the denture, providing the patient with a firm, solid hold.


Implant retained dentures function and feel like your teeth. The difference is substantial; the Four Ever Smile™ system provides our patients with the freedom to forget that they ever lost their teeth. To be able to chew your regular diet, to feel confident that your denture piece will stay in place, and to never worry about sore spots, is a great advancement.

If you would like more information on implant retained dentures using the Four Ever Smile™ system, contact our front office today at (718) 925-3365, we are happy to schedule an information appointment and show you the Four Ever Smile™ difference.