Infections in your teeth, which are caused by bacteria, are a serious problem. Bacteria get into your teeth through some different ways – chips, cracks, tooth decay, gum disease. When they get inside, they quickly go to work multiplying and irritating the pulp. The bacteria can spill out through the root of the tooth, causing a painful abscess. At National Dental Sunnyside, we can treat infections in your teeth with rotary endodontics.


From the outside, your teeth look fairly simple. However, underneath the hard, enamel exterior lies the dentin, which houses hollow canals that lead to the roots of the teeth. Also found within the tooth is the pulp, where blood vessels and nerves reside. If your tooth suffers damage or decay, or you develop gum disease, oral bacteria can get inside. They hide out in the canals and multiply. Because the canals within the teeth are so complex, the only way to effectively eliminate the infection, and restore your oral health, is with a root canal, or endodontic treatment.


Endodontic treatment, commonly called a root canal, is the procedure by which an infection is removed from the inside of your tooth. We first administer a local anesthetic, which will ensure that you feel no pain or discomfort during your procedure. Next, a small hole is drilled into the top of the tooth. Small, specialized tools are used to remove the infected pulp. The canals are then shaped and cleaned. The entire interior of the tooth is disinfected. Finally, it is filled and then capped with a dental crown, which provides both strengths to the tooth and protects it from developing a new infection.


At National Dental, your treatment is performed with rotary tools. For years, the canals of an infected tooth were shaped using a manual, stainless steel, file. While effective, this tool has its drawbacks. Today, with rotary endodontics, your canals are cleaned using an electric hand piece. This hand piece is outfitted with a nickel titanium tip. Nickel titanium is up to 5 times more flexible than stainless steel. Because of this flexibility, we are better able to access the curved canals inside your tooth with minimal risk of damage.


Rotary endodontics allow us to provide you with a greater quality of care. There are several benefits that are associated with this treatment:

  • Nickel titanium is far more reliable than stainless steel. This greatly reduces the risk for complications during treatment.
  • Nickel titanium allows us to provide a smoother, more consistent cleaning of the canals inside your tooth.
  • The electric handpieces allow for us to complete your treatment in less time than with manual tools.
  • The electric handpiece is significantly quieter than the stainless-steel file.

Some patients fear to go to the dentist. For many of these patients, there is a fear of pain. The stainless-steel file is loud against your tooth. This sound was often associated with pain. With the combination of reduced treatment time and quieter tools, rotary endodontics can ease the fears of nervous dental patients, and allow you to get the treatment you need to improve your oral health.

If you have an infection in your tooth, endodontic treatment is necessary. Call National Dental Sunnyside at (718) 925-3365 to schedule your appointment today.