Missing teeth have a major impact on your quality of life. When you are missing teeth, simple tasks like eating and speaking become exceedingly difficult. You may find it difficult to chew your food. Chewing is the essential first step in digestion, breaking food down and making nutrients accessible. Without proper chewing, your body has a harder time gathering nutrients, and this can lead to malnutrition. Your jaw also begins to change shape, which can cause you to look years older. Dentures have long been a popular option to restore missing teeth, and this is still true today. At National Dental Sunnyside, not only do we provide dentures, but we also provide the potential to have your dentures ready the same day.


Dentures have been used for hundreds of years to replace missing teeth. They are still a popular option today, although today’s dentures are nothing like the ones used originally. They are even significantly different from the dentures used just a few decades ago. Thanks to technological developments, today’s dentures are more natural looking (with gum colored bases and teeth that appear more natural) and more comfortable than their predecessors.

Dentures can be made to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, whether it’s on your top jaw, your bottom jaw, or both (complete dentures). They can also be used to replace sections of missing teeth (partial dentures). Both types of denture are made from molds of your mouth. They consist of acrylic resin teeth set into a hard, acrylic base that is supported by your gums. Partial dentures also have metal clasps for additional support. Both are meant to be removed each night for cleaning.


When getting fit for dentures, impressions are usually taken following any necessary extractions. It can take several weeks for your final dentures to be designed and fabricated. Even after they are ready, adjustments may need to be made, which can add more time to your wait period. All this time, you are wearing temporary dentures, which do not perform the same as your actual dentures.

Same day dentures eliminate the waiting period and the temporary dentures typically required for getting your final dentures. When you come in for your necessary extractions, your dentures are ready and waiting for you. This is possible with the help of dental technology. We take digital impressions before your tooth extractions using 3-dimensional imaging. The image produced provides exact 1:1 measurements of your mouth. We use specialized software to design your custom fit dentures. Once the design is complete, they are then created.

When you arrive for your extraction appointment, your dentures will be in the office, waiting for you. As soon as your extractions are complete, the dentures are placed. They contain tissue conditioners, which provide cushioning between your gums and the hard base. These conditioners are periodically replaced as you heal, and are removed entirely once you have completely healed.


There are several benefits of same day dentures:

  • The need for temporary dentures is eliminated.
  • You get your final dentures right away.
  • You can have full use of your mouth almost immediately.
  • Your smile is restored.
  • Same day dentures can act as a bandage, helping you to heal faster, and lowering the risk for infection.

If you are in need of tooth extractions before getting your dentures, same day dentures may be an option. Call National Dental Sunnyside at (718) 925-3365 to find out.