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The Fastest Way to Look 10 Years Younger

Aging is something that happens to everybody, whether we like it or not. Over time, you may notice wrinkles and age spots where you never had them before, but one thing you may not realize is how your oral health and teeth affect how old you look. At National Dental, we have several ways that you can look ten years younger in just a few easy steps.

If you have missing teeth and don’t get them replaced, a space is left open in the mouth. Over time, your other teeth may move out of alignment and can even shift your entire jaw and face. This can cause the jaw and cheeks to collapse in on themselves and appear sunken and hollow. A full mouth of healthy teeth helps to plump out the cheeks and keep your skin full and healthy-looking.

Lose 10 Years in Just a Few Short Months

Missing teeth can also lead to poor oral health, which may cause your teeth to turn yellow and your gums to become red and inflamed. It’s hard to take care of your remaining teeth when others are missing, because the remaining ones may shift into odd positions that make it hard to brush and floss. Yellow teeth make you appear older, but with dental implants, your teeth stay in exactly the right spot so it’s easier to clean them and keep them shiny.

They can also be matched to the color of your remaining teeth, so your smile appears natural. Dental implant benefits give you a strong, healthy-looking smile with a full, younger-looking face. As you fight the natural aging process, don’t let your teeth be an issue.

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