Ways of Overcoming Dental Anxiety Once in the Dental Chair

Most people, at some point in their lives, have experienced a fear of going to the dentist. While this tends to occur in childhood, there are a lot of people for whom this fear continues well into their adult years.

In some cases, it may even prevent a person from going to the dentist for many years. This naturally has a very negative effect on oral health.

Dental Anxiety: The Reasons

There are multiple reasons why people are afraid of the dentist. The most logical one is the fear of pain. For others, it is the fear that they may have further issues that need to be solved (in some ways this is no different from having a fear of the doctor).

Embarrassment over the state of one’s teeth is also a particularly strong point which may prevent people from coming to us. Of course, there is also the loss of control that comes along with it.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety While in the Chair

One of the first things patients need to remember when they come to us is that we are not here to judge. Dentists in general see a wide range of different states of oral hygiene, and for most people it usually turns out not to be as bad as they thought.

One of the best things that a person can do in the chair is to actually communicate the fears and anxieties that you have. Once we know why a patient may be anxious upon their visit, we can make sure to reassure the patient and make the visit as pleasant as possible.

So, try to remember that there is no reason to fear the dentist. Perfect oral health, not judgment, is our main goal, so drop by! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (718) 925-3365 today.

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